I am very fussy about my classes and choose to follow specific teachers rather than go to one gym. I love Amy's classes because, as well as her encouraging warmth and positivity, she is super fit herself and therefore knows what works! She puts together a class that works the whole body and is challenging, but really enjoyable and makes you want to come back. I was a cynic initially when I heard the term 'Piloxing', it just sounded wrong! Now I've discovered the benefits of mixing the cardio and power challenge of boxing with the core strength and balance challenge of the Pilates. It makes for a very thorough body workout and is also lots of fun. (AM)


I really enjoy Amy's piloxing class, she's so upbeat, energetic and fun. It's a great class that gets your heart pumping and core working hard. I only wish I could fit more of Amy's classes into my week. I thoroughly recommend giving it a go. (AG)

I discovered Amy’s piloxing classes in June and have been coming ever since – it is a fantastic workout, a fun combination between ballet and pilates moves with a good bit of boxing thrown in.  You feel fantastic afterwards (if slightly sweaty!) (AY)

I love Amy's piloxing classes! A fast paced class which has a great mix of boxing and Pilates which makes you feel like you've done a workout with a brilliant instructor who encourages you to be your best in a really supportive way.  Cannot recommend it highly enough.(JH)

 Piloxing is a fast, intense, fun and uplifting workout. I love it! Over a short period of time it’s had a big impact on my fitness levels and stamina. Amy gives options for different abilities which makes the class very accessible. She is a great teacher, encouraging and enthusiastic - I always feel good after her classes.(CW)


Personal Training

Amy is a very knowledgeable, approachable, patient and motivational trainer.  During the year plus that I trained with Amy, from the very beginning to the very late stages of my pregnancy and post pregnancy, I always looked forward to our 1 on 1 sessions. Working out was not only very important to me during my pregnancy but it also helped combat the sickness I was experiencing. Amy organised a fitness programme that was perfectly suited for me and ensured each session was not only enjoyable but also safe for me and my bump. Amy was dedicated to helping me stay healthy and fit during my pregnancy but also created a dynamic and interesting workout for me post pregnancy which was brilliant as it not only gave me the physical but also the mental boost that I needed to get out and get exercising again! (AW)


Crawling out of bed at 6.15 am and heading to the studio is not always what I want to do on a Thursday morning but I always leave my sessions with Amy feeling better about the day ahead: her energetic, intelligent and upbeat approach to fitness – and life - is incredibly infectious.  The hour we spend together is always well planned and always well balanced so that I leave feeling as if I've been properly looked after and had a good all round workout.  It is also a lot of fun – we chat about our children, laugh and sing along to the radio - and no two sessions are the same.  Amy keeps things interesting by enthusiastically combining a wide variety of cardio work and strengthening exercises using all the available equipment –we even do a bit of boxing!  I started training with Amy at the beginning of 2013 feeling over 40, stressed, unfit and out of shape.  Nearly two years on my recurring lower back problem is a problem no more and I feel strong and confident that my body - and my mind - can cope with the demands of a complicated and busy life. (EE)


Amy prepares training sessions which combine thought out exercises tailored to my profile but also which take me out of my comfort zone. Sessions are varied and great fun, but you won't get off lightly. Would definitely recommend'  (MC)


"I had never boxed before but since starting Amy's boxing classes about a year ago i have learnt a great deal and thoroughly enjoyed exercising in a different way. Amy demonstrates each technique clearly before starting a session and gives time for us to 'shadow out' moves before starting a routine.
it's  great pairing up with different partners each week as you meet new people as well as learn from each other.
Boxing is definitely Great after a stressful day as any tensions fly out the window when you start hitting those pads!!...definitely worth a try!" (RC)



Boxercise is my weekly highlight. The sessions are always a lot of fun and leave me feeling tired but satisfied. I fully recommend this class to everyone. Even if you 've never boxed before. The group is really welcoming. (JJ)




I was slightly fearful of the boxing element before I joined the class as I had never had any experience of contact sports but I soon found that I loved putting on my gloves and releasing energy and tension that I hadn't realised I even had!  The class incorporates some really strong cardio and strength with fun circuits. I always feel charged, revitalised and stronger at the end of the session and the women and (some men) are a really friendly bunch. I highly recommend giving it a go if you have never tried it before. (LW)

Mums, Bums and Tums

As a reluctant exerciser it says a lot that I really love Amy's Monday morning class. It's fun, sociable and most importantly effective! The variety is great and whether we're running around outside, pairing up for circuit training or perfecting our squats to the Bony M megamix, I know my fitness is improving week by week.  (JF)


Amy’s class is a great way to kick-start the week. You get a really good workout and as no two weeks are the same you never get bored. (CM)


Amy's Monday 'Mums, bums and tums' class is brilliant! I started going to this class after not exercising for quite a while. The class was challenging enough without being intimidating and you see results quickly. Amy is really encouraging, has a great way of making you feel like you're doing a great job and the people in the class are really friendly. All of this encourages you to go again and again and my fitness level has improved so much since I started the class. It's a great way to start the week and the cup of tea (and a biscuit if you want!) at the end of the class is really social and fun. Couldn't recommend it enough!. (HB)


Amy’s Monday class has lots of variety, each weeks is different so it’s never boring. Amy combines circuits, boxercise, pair work, weights (etc - can’t think what all the things we do are called) we work indoors and outdoors when the weather is ok. Amy pitches the exercises to work at any fitness level. It’s a really friendly class for all shapes and sizes and a great way to start the week. (CW)

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