At the Strength Sanctuary we offer a fresh approach to fitness with an effective holistic exercise programme designed to challenge all participants regardless of experience and ability. Sessions are diverse and varied to enhance motivation and fun and to develop all elements of fitness. Our instructors are experienced in delivering effective and exciting group fitness to a range of people from beginners to athletes.

Whatever your fitness level is, we aim to work you hard. Rest and recovery time is an important part of our week and our luxurious accommodation and optional therapies make this pleasurable and relaxing.

We encourage you to embrace the opportunity to participate as fully as possible. However if you feel that an hour of rest would make your day perfect then you are welcome to miss a session. We are creating a space with a variety of sessions on offer. You are free to take what you need in order to make this retreat right for you.

Bookings  and more information can be found on our website

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