During Lockdown all classes will move online (via Zoom). Please see the 'Classes' page for full details. 

Piloxing is a fusion cardio workout combining Pilates and Boxing. This high energy group exercise class aimed at women involves heart pumping powerful boxing combinations and sculpting and lengthening Pilates influenced movements. It will strengthen your core and give you a big endorphin boost. During this barefoot class you wear weighted gloves to add extra resistance. Gloves are provided. All you need is water and some enthusiasm! 


An exciting, fun and effective group exercise class


As well as the benefits listed below, I find that the post class EUPHORIA is unbeatable and leaves me feeling on top of the world. I would love you to enjoy this feeling of supreme badassery too! If you are curious then come and join me for a class....


Why Kettlercise®


Kettlercise® is a total-body workout with fast results and noticeable fitness gains. 


Classes are challenging but not intimidating. They are suitable for both men and women of all abilities.


Each class incorporates 37 kettlebell exercises ranging from basic moves to more advanced techniques. You start with a fairly light weight and move up when you are ready to progress.

It is safe and easy to learn. You will be guided through the correct technique for each exercise. 


By simultaneously working all your major muscle groups, the class provides a fantastic calorie burning session, improving your strength and cardiovascular fitness and really ramping up your fat-burning ability.

Benefits include improved strength in your core and back and an increase in all over muscle tone. Other benefits include improved posture and flexibility and increased bone density and endurance.


Kettlercise® is not suitable for pregnant women or if you have had a baby less than 16 weeks ago.


Classes are held on Wednesday evenings. See the Classes tab for more info..

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