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Whole body fitness workout

Monday | 9.30 am | 50 minutes

Outside in person at The East Dulwich Community Centre, SE22 


Monday Fit Club is a 60 minute class designed to give a whole body workout.  


Expect a high energy whole body workout designed to improve cardiovascular health, strength and core stability.


Every week is different and you can expect to use bodyweight exercises, free weights, and a range of equipment such as resistance bands, skipping ropes & boxing.

Options are given to accommodate different fitness levels and everybody is welcome. 

Also available on demand.



Kettlercise is a weighted workout with music

Wednesday | 7pm | 50 Minutes

Outside in person at Charter School North Dulwich 
Also bookable as a Live Zoom Class 

£​10 in person £8 on Zoom

50 minute weighted workout (with music). You need one kettlebell  (4-8kg is a good starting weight). This is a core intensive full body session


You won't put the weight down for the duration of the class so you are guaranteed a thorough  workout. 


Kettlercise guidelines for postpartum women are a minimum of 16 weeks after giving birth and minimum age for participants is 16 years. 

Also available on demand.

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An equipment free whole body workout

Friday | 9.30am | 50 Minutes

This is a Live Zoom Class


50 minute whole body workout (with music). No equipment needed. The emphasis will vary from week to week but expect some cardio, some core stability and some strength work. You won't be clock watching during this class.

Also available on demand.



Piloxing blends Pilates and boxing

Saturday | 9am | 60 Minutes

In person at The Charter School North Dulwich 

Also bookable as a Live Zoom Class 

£​10 in person £8 on Zoom

Piloxing is a fat torching, muscle sculpting, core-centric interval workout, guaranteed to whip you into shape.

Weighted gloves are used to add extra resistance to the workout maximising cardiovascular health and toning the arms. The class consists of a 45 minute choreographed routine made up of boxing and Pilates.

This is followed by 15 minutes of floorwork and cooldown. 

Also available on demand.


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